Discovering the Amalfi Coast by bike

Autumn holidays, what to do on the Amalfi Coast? For you who love cycling, you couldn’t choose the best time.

October is the right month to discover the Amalfi Coast on your bike, there is little traffic compared to previous months and the climate is less hot.

Cycling through the streets of the Amalfi Coast

The bike tour is special because it gives you the chance to discover hidden and less frequented, but very beautiful places. Like some beaches that are difficult to reach, especially in high season, but which, thanks to the practicality of this means of transport, you can easily discover. Beaches that deserve to be visited for the peace and relax they offer.

Furthermore, the bike is comfortable because in this way you can also reach small towns where parking by other means sometimes becomes difficult. And not only that, you can dodge the traffic and stop to enjoy the wonderful panorama of vineyards and lemon groves overlooking the coast, which, combined with the beauty of the sea, transform this place into a wonderful painting.

It is true that a territory as steep as that of the Amalfi Coast, made up of continuous ups and downs, requires a little training and a lot of good will, but it is also true that its beauties are such as to repay all the effort of pedaling. For the less experienced, for those who are beginners or for those who are not trained enough to encounter steep climbs, there is the possibility of renting bikes with pedal assistance, a “little help” to not give up the advantages of a bike tour.

From Positano to Vietri by bike

From Villa Fiorentino to Positano you can take a breathtaking itinerary, in all senses, which will lead you to the desired destination: Vietri. A distance of about 37 km is not easy to travel, but the incomparable panorama around you will make you forget all the effort to reach it.

Take the Amalfi state road 163, and leave for your destination. It is a narrow road, made up of hairpin bends and curves but full of inlets, fjords, cliffs and arches that will leave you speechless. Along the road you will reach Praiano.

Praiano the country of the most romantic sunset

Before entering Praiano, make a stop (with the bike you can easily do it) and admire a nativity scene built in a cave. The work represents the village built in miniature with its houses, its alleys, the sea and which reflects the life and work of local fishermen and artisans.

Once in Praiano do not give up visiting this fishing village which has maintained its authenticity over time without being overwhelmed by tourism, and whose name derives from the Greek Pelagianum, “open sea”.

Praiano offers a spectacular panorama, which goes from the bay of Positano to Punta Campanella, seeing Capri in the background. Its sunset is considered the most beautiful and romantic of the coast.

The town is characterized by the presence of votive shrines decorated in majolica, which are proof of how families built them to reaffirm the ownership of that area and invoke divine protection.

Among the places to visit you will find:

  • the Church of San Luca Evangelista, which is the parish church with its characteristic majolica dome, dedicated to San Luca Evangelista who is the patron saint;
  • the Church of San Gennaro with its terrace overlooking the sea;
  • the Church of Santa Maria a Castro with a splendid majolica floor, and is located near the Convent of San Domenico.

The beaches of Praiano are also worth a visit, such as the beach of Marina di Praia, and the Cala della Gavitella, where you can admire the spectacular sunset.

By bike in Ravello: the city of music

Continuing along the route with your bike you will pass through Furore, Amalfi, Atrani, and you will arrive in Ravello. In reality, the road to get there is very steep, but we assure you that walking it, even if with difficulty, is really worth it. You will discover a corner of paradise.

Ravello is located on a promontory about 350 m high above sea level, its surface is small, 8 square km, but rich in culture and art and places to visit, including:

  • Villa Rufolo, famous for its splendid gardens. The Ravello Festival is held here, which is why it is named the city of music.
  • Villa Cimbrone known for its “viewpoint of infinity” (belvedere dell’infinito), because it offers the eyes a view into which you can get lost, the most beautiful on the coast.
  • The Cathedral, characterized by its bronze portal, it is a real museum full of treasures.
  • The many churches of Ravello, including the Church of Sant’Angelo dell’Ospedale, the Church of the Annunziata and the Church of San Giovanni.

Continuing along the state road 163 you will meet other towns such as Minori, Maiori, Cetara, all full of beautiful things to discover, and finally Vietri.

Last stop of the bike tour: Vietri sul Mare and its ceramics

Vietri is the capital of artistic ceramics, a reason for tourist attraction. The whole history of Vietri is represented on the ceramics that are exported all over the world, it is the identity of the place. The town is characterized by alleys decorated with beautiful majolica and colored houses. Strolling along the streets you can visit the ceramic workshops, where you can admire the artisans at work as they bring their masterpieces to life.

Vietri sul Mare and its ceramics - Villa FiorentinoAmong the beauties of the place not to be missed are: the Cathedral of Vietri sul Mare, dedicated to San Giovanni Battista and famous for its 36 meter high dome that stands out in the sky with its blue, yellow and green tiles; the Archconfraternity of the Most Holy Rosary and of the Santissima Annunziata and the Ceramics Museum located inside the Villa Guariglia which houses ceramic works created by artisans and artists.

For cycling tourism lovers, the stop on the Amalfi Coast is a must, an unforgettable experience. And after all this cycling, returning to the relaxation of Villa Fiorentino in Positano is a welcome reward.