Hospitality has been the Fiorentino family’s life philosophy for the past three generations. The ancient villa in Positano was originally built as a medical surgery for Domenico Fiorentino, affectionately called “Don” by the inhabitants of Positano.

Today you can still admire the iron cross situated on the Positano mountain and illuminated in memory of the first doctor from Positano; the cross that Don Domenico fixed on the mount in occasion of the 50th anniversary of his graduation in medicine and surgery, for the protection of all the citizens of Positano and the thousands of tourists that come from every part of the world.
Determined to follow his father in his profession, Vito Fiorentino, in 2015, celebrated the 50th anniversary of his own graduation in medicine and surgery by renovating the villa and creating a receptive structure for guests from all over the world.

The building has four levels and includes apartments and suites, a solarium, the infinity pools, a spa and a bar.

Today, Domenico Fiorentino, manager of the villa, provides his guests with a comfortable atmosphere and the greatest attention to detail, so that they can experience an unforgettable holiday in perfect relaxation, and thus recreating, in his own way, the passion and values of his predecessors.

His bond to tradition can be found in his paintings that recreate some of the best glimpses of Positano and the coast, and which can be viewed in every room of the villa.
For more than half a century, those who choose Villa Fiorentino in Positano to celebrate the best day of their life have always had the feeling of being welcomed not as a guest, but as one of the family.

A quick note for all the costumers who visit Positano for the first time: Positano due to his natural morphology is vertical, so stairs are part of this beautiful town, with all the houses built on the cliffs until the sea but absolutely worth it once in the life!