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Wedding Villa Fiorentino)

Those who want to get married in Positano with unique and chic ceremony will find Villa Fiorentino providing just the right atmosphere.
The panoramic terrace, overlooking the sea of the Amalfi Coast, is particularly suitable for big or intimate weddings.
The couple can be assured that throughout each phase of the wedding, the assistance of our wedding planner, Paola Fiorentino, can be counted on. From the setting and style for the ceremony, to the reception at the villa, Paola will assist in it all moving smoothly. The splendid panoramic terrace facing the islands of Li Galli, is the ideal hideaway to host occasions to be remembered forever, such as, dinners, birthdays, and celebrations in Positano.
The staff handles the rental of the entire villa and for those who marry in Positano, they will guarantee the maximum comfort of the couple's guests. The philosophy for events and weddings at Villa Fiorentino in Positano is to bring together the elegance and attention to detail of floral and culinary arrangements. For example, the panoramic terrace for receptions, immersed in vegetation, shaded by a grapevine-pergola from a vineyard where the Fiorentino family produce their own wine.
The people who gather here, sipping wines in one of the best vineyards of the Amalfi Coast are the guests of Villa Fiorentino, and feel as though they are living a dream.

Wedding in Positano

The food at Villa Fiorentino, thanks to the professional chef and banqueting service, will satisfy every palate and represents the spirit of all the events.
For weddings in Positano, where the traditional colours and perfumes of the Mediterranean are exalted, Villa Fiorentino responds with Italian cuisine revisited, with the use of spices and traditional products of the Amalfi Coast.
For appetizers we recommend buffala mozzarella, stuffed rolls, baked eggplant with parmesan, mixed grilled vegetables, stuffed zucchine flowers, and lightly toasted breads with an assortment of toppings. Also, a selection of cheeses served with jellies in the shape of flowers and fruit may be matched with an excellent wine - a real taste of a high level italian dinner for your perfect wedding reception in Amalfi Coast.

Paola Fiorentino, wedding planner and event designer, Chevalier Sabreur, will open the champagne for the bride and bridegroom’s first toast and will guarantee her professional touch to every aspect of the event, from the choice of the guests to the realization of the souvenirs, from the interior design of the reception hall to the presentation of the gifts.
Supported by a staff of florists and expert decorators, Paola personally creates magnificent floral decorations with peonies, orchids, roses and any other flowers that the wedding couple desires. She has inherited her creativity from her mother, Giuseppina Fiorentino, a fashion designer who became famous in the 60s for her “Positano Fashion” and who produces wedding dresses and hand painted gifts and souvenirs for the wedding. Whatever your choice for your Positano wedding, classical or international, Villa Fiorentino never forgets its traditions. The wedding couple will participate in the traditional cutting of the nuptial cake and the propitious rite of ‘the breaking of the plate’ with the rice and small coins and flowers which is how the Fiorentino family give their best wishes to the happy couple for an eternal future together. Villa Fiorentino, with its infinity pools, is the ideal venue for the photographs of the best day of your life. .

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