Wedding in Positano, a love dream come true

Why get married in Positano?

Take the plunge, get married, is a unique experience in life and, because of it, live your wedding in a unique place, makes it even more memorable and exciting. Getting married in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast, it means to choose a uncomparable place among the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, such as love nest for the honeymoon.

The excitement of celebrating your wedding in seeing you in the eye and admiring the view from a terrace overlooking the sea, in a unique setting: all create a scene that will be perfect for your memories and your photos. A perfect combination of romance, beauty and harmony, which makes Positano a favorite place to get married, so think many lovers that reach every corner of the world.

Where to get married?

For say yes, you can choose to celebrate the wedding in a villa, a hotel or on the terrace of the City Hall, suspended between the earth and the sea of the Amalfi Coast. To marry with the civil ceremony in Positano, our staff ensures flawless organization for the wedding at Villa Fiorentino. Your wish is their command, such as your dream of love: it will be possible to get married on our terrace, with a customized celebration of the marriage and wedding reception.

Our staff ensures maximum collaboration with our wedding planning service and advice to all the necessary documents to the marriage celebration in a civil ceremony.

Villa Fiorentino welcomes the wedding couple every day of the week!

If you want to organize the wedding reception in the villa and the wedding ceremony at the city hall of Positano, even there you will enjoy a breathtaking view, perfect frame throughout the summer. On days when you can not stay out, the City offers for weddings an elegant hall, decorated with precious paintings and pottery typical of the Amalfi Coast.

A fine ceremony, in any case, in contact with the scents of the sea and the idyllic and romantic atmosphere of Positano. If you want a wedding with a religious ceremony, you can choose a catholic church among churches that populate the delicious Positano, located a few steps from the sea and not far from the villa, to be able to receive your guests, on the rooftop terrace.

Among the most famous churches: Santa Maria Assunta, the Chiesa Nuova, the ancient churches of San Giovanni, Santa Caterina e Santa Margherita.

Arrangement and documents for wedding.

For both spouses, documents are required for permission of the municipality of residence of the spouses, the birth certificate, any divorce decree. It is required to newlyweds a copy of identity documents or passport for foreign nationals and also for the witnesses (copy of the identity card or passport if foreign). Even the interpreter who will attend the wedding, must present a copy of the identity document or passport, if foreigner.

When you get married?

It's ideal to celebrate your wedding in Positano during the spring and summer time, having available a stunning terrace, a mild climate and the positive energy of the sun on the Amalfi Coast. The gardens of the villa in bloom from April until September, are perfect to create an even more striking atmosphere, full of scents and colors that make special this location in spring and summer. On the terrace you can set up both the ceremony and the reception, ensuring a perfect organization for the hospitality of all the guests.

Fairytale wedding with a menu to delight

In addition to the celebration of the marriage rite, is not to overlook the delight that can make to your wedding, an exquisite menu like the Amalfi Coast. The chefs at Villa Fiorentino are available for customized wedding menu: creative dishes, with traditional recipes of Sorrento and Positano, which combine flavors and scents of the sea, local products of Mediterranean environment, with its plants and its aromas.

We offer several menu of Italian cuisine, revisited.

The suites are designed to accommodate different wedding guests, all with panoramic views and exclusive services. For newlyweds, the Honeymoon Suite and Sogno d'amore Suite (Dream of Love) suites, are recommended for an unforgettable honeymoon.

A dream of love that is well worth a trip, to get married in Positano surrounded by style and beauty.