Under the Tuscan sun, which shines on Villa Fiorentino

A film shot in 2003, Under the Tuscan Sun, has put Italy as the center of its plot, with mythical and beautiful places like Cortona, Rome and Positano.
Produced by an American film production and directed by Audrey Wells, the film is inspired by the homonym book of the writer Frances Mayes, and involves us in a story that goes from San Francisco to Italy.
Just in Tuscany, the protagonist Frances wants to change her live and move to Cortona, but because of a romance her holiday ends up in Positano instead… She will discover the love and its contradictions.
Some “fairytale” scenes were filmed in Positano in houses like the one of villa Fiorentino, where Frances lives his love story with the Italian actor Raoul Bova, who plays the role of a perfect seducer.
Villa Fiorentino is ideal location for romantic scenes like this film which also stars familiar faces like Mario Monicelli and Claudia Gerini.
Not surprisingly, the villa of Positano is selected each year by many couples who want to get married in Positano, for its intimate atmosphere and romantic landscape, the brilliancy of lovely suites, thought for honeymooners. Come and visit the villa, if you too want to live a dream of love under the sun on the Amalfitan Coast.