Rate with travel insurance included


By choosing Besafe Rate you’re certain of receiving a refund in case of an unexpected event! The rate is special for travels with peace of mind, with an added value for you and your loved ones.

Besafe Rate covers up to 100% of the refund of your stay in the cases provided and includes free of charge a cancellation insurance for unexpected events, such as: flu, injury, hospitalization or natural disasters.
Other than the cancellation insurance, from the day of check-in to the day of check-out the following guarantees are included: healthcare during your stay, luggage coverage, theft and roadside assistance.

Travel with us with peace of mind without any added costs!
Besafe rate the travel revolution has begun.

• Please read the Insurance Coverage Policy before booking, thanks.
• Click >>here<< to download the Insurance Coverage Policy.

The rate includes “Welcome package”:
• Welcome drink in terrace sea view. • Breakfast is served on your private terrace in the comfort of your accommodation. • Free entry in shared infinity pool.* • WiFi Free. • VAT, Fee & City Tax included.

• This exclusive offer is bookable only on official website of Villa Fiorentino.
• This offer cannot be combined with the OLTA** bookings and package services of “Pompeii free tickets & Transfer”
* (Heated infinity pools in April, May, September, October.)
**(On line travel agency)Minimum stay requirement:2 nights
Stay period:01 May 2022 – 01 Oct 2024
Meal plan: Continental breakfast