Luxury Honeymoon, in Amalfi Coast?

Among many landscapes of southern Italy, the Amalfi Coast offers a romantic and idyllic scene, perfect for a honeymoon between the aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean: with all the privacy and beauty of Positano.

Villa Fiorentino gives you a unique proposal for a special holiday on the Amalfi Coast, for your special wedding: you can organize the wedding ceremony in Positano, in the beautiful ancient villa, and then stay here for your honeymoon!

From the beautiful panoramic terrace overlooking the sea, you can enjoy the view of the islands Li Galli. Both during and after your wedding ceremony, in your privacy, you’ll have the breathtaking scenery and the maximum comfort – for you and your guests.


Elegance in the norm in a villa, where you can set up the most beautiful flower arrangements for your ceremony and serving dishes of delicious food for your guests.

A magnification of all the senses, from the beauty of the view of the terrace, smell the scents of the sea and the taste of genuine flavors.

To toast to your “forever yes”, you can also enjoy one of the best wines of the Amalfi Coast, produced right from the vine of the villa!


Villa Fiorentino reserves you the top of the apartments, an great space for your honeymoon in Positano, where you will find intimacy and relax, elegance and comfort.

The suite is unique, has a historic beauty dating back to an ancient house of the sixth century, and his imprint can be seen in the old ceiling.

For you, a relaxing hydromassage Jacuzzi is set on one of the two bathrooms: the other one, outside, was once a lookout point of the ancient watchtower, against the Saracens!

The floors and ceramics inside, are decorated on Vietri style, the famous local hand painted pottery.

The ancient and charming villa’s structure, alternates with a modern rooftop swimming pool on the terrace – at your disposal with an area surrounded by lemon trees, private solarium with showers and beds … the maximum to relax, for an unforgettable honeymoon, really!


The terrace of the suite is perfect for dream together, watching sunsets of Positano, perhaps with an excellent wine in your glasses.

The interior of the suite is furnished with elegant and classic style, with an antique mirror and a brass chandelier, over the fireplace.

Three wide windows allows you to enjoy all the beauty of the sea and sun during the day, the moon and the stars at night!
P.s. Pictures by Angelo Oliva.