Ischia, a tour between sea, wellness and relaxation!

Are you dreaming of a fairytale stay, where the sea, relaxation and self-care can be perfectly combined? In addition to a holiday in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, the Island of Ischia is the right place for you!

Ischia is a perfect island for you who love nature, the sea, and moments of tranquility.

Ischia and its sea

When you say Ischia you can’t help but think of the sea, its color ranging from intense blue to emerald green which is of a stunning beauty in which to lose your gaze and relax your mind. It has peculiar characteristics, such as to be the object of study by many biologists. In its depths there is the Posidonia oceanica, a real plant called by marine biologists “ecosystem engineer”, because it is able to create a new habitat for fauna and flora with its leaves and its roots. The presence of this plant means that Ischia is called the green island even under water.

The beaches of the island of Ischia

Ischia is one of the most beautiful islands in Italy, full of places to visit and beaches where you can spend intense moments of relaxation. The beaches can be reached on foot in the midst of nature, isolated coves or equipped lidos where you can practice balneotherapy.

Before listing the most beautiful beaches of Ischia, it should be clarified that the island is divided into 6 different municipalities:

  • Lacco Ameno
  • Barano d’Ischia
  • Forio d’Ischia
  • Casamicciola Terme
  • Ischia
  • Serrara Fontana

The beaches are located among the different municipalities and to discover them you have to take a real tour. Let’s discover them together, follow me on this tour and choose the perfect place for your vacation.

Ischia green island sea- Villa FiorentinoThe beaches of Lacco Ameno

San Montano Bay is one of the most beautiful in Lacco Ameno, it is characterized by fine sand, crystal clear waters and shallow waters, therefore ideal for families with children.

Mushroom Beach “La spiaggia del Fungo” whose name derives from the mushroom-shaped tuff located in the sea, characteristic of Lacco Ameno. Here there are both equipped beaches and stretches of free beach.

Nuns Beach “La spiaggia delle Monache” also known as Varulo surrounded by nature and reachable only by sea. It takes its name from the aplysie, molluscs called sea nuns that live in the seabed rich in algae and posidonia, just like those of Ischia.

The beaches of Barano d’Ischia

Maronti Beach is the most famous in Barano d’Ischia, about 3 km long and located between the sea and the mountains. Surrounded by crystal clear sea and spectacular nature. It can be reached both by land and by sea via taxi-boats. On this long stretch of beach there are both bathing establishments and free beach areas. A feature of this beach is the presence of Fumaroles, or cracks in the ground from which vapors and volcanic gases escape at very high temperatures.

The beaches of Forio d’Ischia

Citara Beach is one of the sunniest on the island, making it perfect for those who love to spend long hours lying in the sun for a perfect tan. Here there is the beach of the Poseidon Thermal Park, the largest on the island.

Cava dell’isola Beach is characterized by coarse-grained dark-colored sand, wild nature and a deep seabed. Far from the city center, it is a free beach, without bathing establishments, an informal environment that makes it a destination above all for youth tourism.

Chiaia Beach is located 300 meters from the town, perfect for families because it is characterized by shallow and sandy water and clear water. The presence of bathing establishments and free beaches allows you to freely choose how to spend your relaxing moments by the sea.

San Francesco Beach, is about 300 meters long and is located not far from the Chiaia Beach, but it is less crowded and quieter. There are mainly private bathing establishments here. The beach and the area are so named for the presence of the Church of San Francesco di Paola.

Sorgeto bay can be reached by taking about 200 steps. On the seashore there are naturally formed pools, inside them there are hot springs due to volcanic activity. When the water moved by the waves arrives inside these pools, and the temperature of it becomes accessible, it is possible to immerse yourself inside for a real regenerating bath. Precisely because of the possibility of these regenerating baths in hot water, the Bay is visited throughout the year, even in the late evening, not only during daylight hours.

The beaches of Casamicciola Terme

Marina Beach is easy to reach both by car and by bus, characterized by shallow and sandy bottoms, suitable for families. It is an ideal place to enjoy a holiday in total peace and relaxation.

Convent Beach located in front of the Convent of the Passionists from which it takes its name, is accessible along about 50 steps, due to its shallow water and fine sand, it is perfect for children. Another feature is the cliff on the front that gives life to a small bay and protects it from the waves, making it more peaceful and safer for little swimmers.

Bagnitiello is famous above all for the presence of thermal waters that gush from the Bagnitiello spring, testifying to the still active volcanic nature of the island. The beach is small and with rocks, but it is a real corner of paradise. Here there is a bathing park where it is possible to carry out curative massages, but also beauty treatments.

The beaches of Ischia Porto

Pescatori Beach or della Mandra is located between Ischia Centro and Ischia Ponte, along a piece of coast that in the past was used only by fishermen. Near the Aragonese Castle, with the colorful fishermen’s houses behind it and the islands of Procida and Vivara in front, it looks like a postcard. It is often possible to see the wooden boats of the fishermen on the beach. The beach is suitable for families and is equipped with both bathing establishments and free beaches.

English Beach is characterized by fine sand and is located in the village of Sant’Alessandro. The beach is not very sunny, it is not immediately deep and therefore suitable for children. It can be reached in three ways: along a path made up of many steps, from a road that takes you from the state road that leads to Casamicciola Terme or from the Port of Ischia. The latter is also an important starting point for ferries to the Amalfi Coast, perfect for a tour to Positano.

Cartaromana Beach is located in the bay of the same name, here it is possible to note once again the presence on the island of natural spas. The submarine fumarole means that there are, at times, warmer stretches of water. It can be reached along a path formed by lava stone steps or aboard a taxi boat. This is truly a heavenly and peaceful place where you can regenerate body and mind.

Lido Beach is located in the center of the town of Ischia and is the most popular as it is convenient and easy to reach both on foot and by public transport. It is also perfect for those with walking difficulties, there are establishments that provide useful services such as walkways that lead to the shore.

The beaches of Serrara Fontana

Cava Grado Beach is a true oasis of peace, a small piece of beach that can be reached by descending a staircase of over fifty steps leading to the sea, an effort that is worth making because it is rewarded by a breathtaking beauty. A somewhat hidden beach compared to the others and therefore perfect for those looking for a peaceful holiday.

S. Angelo Beach is located in the center of the village of Sant’Angelo and there are elegant bathing establishments, ideal for those looking for an elite but quiet place for their holidays.
Ischia is all this and much more! You can only find out by visiting it!

From Ischia you can move and then continue your dream holiday on the Amalfi Coast, where Villa Fiorentino in Positano will welcome you with all its majesty.