Infinity Spa Infinite Relax!

A corner of paradise designed just for you. The Infinity Spa of Villa Fiorentino is a small magical corner: the Hammam, the emotional shower and the precious wall of the Himalayan salt create a warm and enveloping atmosphere that will give you an unforgettable sensorial experience. If you have chosen the Amalfi Coast for your holidays, you are looking for beauty, relax, phisical well-being at 360 degrees. At Villa Fiorentino, in addition to the wonderful rooms and suites, you will find what you are looking for and even more ..

With a suspended terrace, from which you can admire the beautiful blue of the Amalfi Coast and its colorful houses, the Infinity Spa offers exclusive wellness. Mental relax, in an environment full of comfort and breathtaking views, where you can enjoy excellent drinks served in the Bar & infinity pools. Physical relax, thanks to the numerous treatments offered.

The wellness spa, the bar, the panoramic terraces and the heated infinity pools, one of which with 3 types of hydromassage, will give you sensations never experienced before.


Spa candel Positano

The Hammam of the Infinty Spa is what is generally called a Turkish bath. The fumes and the humidity reproduced in the environment prevent and fight muscular pains, thanks to sweating.

This process promotes the elimination of toxins and excess fluids and releases the airways. The feeling of wellbeing that comes from it is immediate, so that in addition to the body, it is the spirit itself that relieves itself of tensions and daily stress. At the end of the steam baths, it will be optimal to sip a herbal tea to replenish the lost fluids in complete relax.

The wall of the Himalayan salt will be your precious ally for the beauty and the health of the skin thanks to its soothing properties, without forgetting the relaxing effects. The emotional shower will regenerate you through the chromotherapy. The fragrances of essential oils sprayed by the different jets of water will take away all the tensions and smooth the skin.

And what is better to conclude a wellness path of a sea view hydromassage? The micro massage of air and water flows is energizing and stimulating for the mind and body. The view of the sea and its changing colors will amplify the beneficial effects of the massage table.


bamboo massage Amalfi

Hot Stone, Candle Massage, Pinda with sea salt are just some of the massages offered by the Infinity Spa. The wellness center offers a wide range of manipulations carried out by expert hands who will be able to offer the ideal treatment for you. Some manipulations are ideal for solving physical problems, such as decontracting or draining and circulatory massage, others reminiscent of oriental atmospheres and techniques such as Padabyangam or Abhyangam.

The unique and special treatment reserved for Villa Fiorentino’s customers is the Infinity Massage where the scent of the sea breeze merges with the aroma of the Coastal cedars. Enveloping maneuvers with synergies of essential oils of lemons evoke the perfumes of the Amalfi coast mixed with warm oils on the body. Perfumes and atmospheres that will lower you even more in the magic of this fascinating place.


The style and wellbeing of Villa Fiorentino have attracted over time an international level clientele. The structure was the chosen destination even by big names in cinema, sport, fashion and entertainment. Here have been top models like Gizele Oliveira, the players of SSC Napoli: Dries Mertens, Kalidou Koulibaly, Faouzi Ghoulam, Jonathan de Guzmán, American actresses Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson, the showgirl Raffaella Fico and the great Brazilian musician Gilberto Gil.

Dries Mertens Positano

For Villa Fiorentino each client is a Very Important Person.

Try the best, choose Villa Fiorentino, personalize your stay and choose the wellness package that is right for you.