Furore: a small village of the Amalfi Coast

Furore, a small town of the Amalfi Coast that captures the eye the heart. This corner of paradise is the perfect choise for a dream vacation immersed in a suggestive and enchanting landscape.

From Villa Fiorentino to Furore

By staying at Villa Fiorentino in Positano you can move and enjoy the Amalfi Coast in all its beauty. In just a few minutes, you can reach Furore and discover how wonderful nature is.

Furore is a seaside village, located between Positano and Amalfi.

Furore spiaggia

Terra Furoris is the ancient name of this town. It originates from the fury of the sea waters in the Fjord. The First peoples to settle in this place were the Romans of the imperial age. Subsequently, it was then inhabited by citizens from Amalfi, and exiled for political reasons. The physical characteristics of the place have always been a real stronghold to find shelter from the invasion by the Saracens. A sort of natural fortress not visible to those who looked from the sea and which protected the inhabitants of Furore.
Since 1997 Furore has been a UNESCO heritage site and it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Furore Fjord

The geophysical conformation of the Amalfi Coast with its rocky slope that falls precipitously on the sea and the inlets, gives life to the so-called “Fiordo” di Furore.
Furore Fjord is a crack in the rock, crossed by the Schiato torrent that descends from the Agerola plateau. It formed naturally over time, due to the erosion of the Schiato river and storm surges. Here the sun begins to be seen only during the early afternoon hours, and this allows you to enjoy a pleasant coolness even in summer. Right prerogative to visit this place and spend a holiday in total relax.

Furore discesa spiaggia
Furore Fjord is truly like a piece of paradise surrounded by nature. In the valley of the seaside village there are the “Stenditoio”, once used to dry the sheets of paper obtained from fabric fibers, two mills and the “Calcara” where the stones were handcrafted.
Also here, there are the “monazzeni” of fishermen, houses now restored, and a small museum, the “Ecomuseo del Fiordo” near which there are a herb garden and a small botanical garden.

The restoration of these houses and the birth of the Ecomuseum have given new splendor to the Fjord.
In the marine area, the beach is certainly one of the strong attractions of the place. It is as if the sea comes out of the mountains, creating a beautiful bay. It can only be reached on foot by going down a steep staircase. The beach, although small, attracts many tourists every year.

Furore, the country that doesn’t exist!

When we talk about Furore, we should not only think of the Fjord, the town in fact also extends in height towards the Agerola Plateau.
It is called “the country that does not exist”, due to the structure it presents. The houses are not leaning against each other, as in a town, but rather, as happens in a scattered settlement, they sprout among the rocks along the Furore Fjord.
The houses here have the particularity that their walls are painted with the bright colors of the murals made with different techniques.

The murals of Furore led Furore to join the association of Italian Painted Countries. They are like an open art gallery and have allowed the story of Furore to be told between truth and fantasy. Those who find themselves in front of these murals are literally enraptured, and almost get lost by merging the real with the unreal.
The inhabited center of the town is joined to the fjord by narrow streets and very steep stairs with almost 3000 steps that extend through vineyards and lemon groves, typical of the area, reaching up to the Agerola plateau, joining the Path of the Gods.

In the highest part of the town you can visit interesting places of worship, including:

  • The Church of S. Elia, where you can admire the painting of the Virgin of Carmel from 1600, the Madonna with Child and the lives of Saints Elia and Bartolomeo.
  • The Church of S. Giacomo, in it were found in a completely random way, in a room under the right aisle, some frescoes depicting the Saints.
  • The Church of S. Michele which has a very particular, asymmetrical entrance.

If you are choosing where to spend your holidays, don’t give up on this place. Start packing your bags and set off to spend some unforgettable days.
On the Amalfi Coast, every little centimeter you walk gives indescribable emotions!