A trip to Sorrento from Positano, a unique experience!

Staying at Villa Fiorentino in Positano gives you the opportunity to move easily and visit other places. Positano is well connected and this facilitates travel to discover new places.
Plan a trip to Sorrento and leave for an unforgettable day!

How to move from Positano to Sorrento

Sorrento is a point of departure and arrival of different means of transport, from Positano you can choose between different alternatives to reach it. By bus with an organized group tour, by taxi, more expensive than the bus, but with the advantage of full autonomy, by private car, but the most beautiful and relaxing method is the hydrofoil, in this way you can admire the beautiful coast and avoid a road full of curves.

Whatever means of transport you choose, one thing is certain, in a short time you will have all the pleasure of reaching an enchanting place.

Sorrento in one day, what to see?

Sorrento is defined in many ways, the land of mermaids, of colors, the city of gardens, as well as the homeland of Torquato Tasso. Each of these definitions brings with it a piece of history and culture of the peoples who contributed to the formation of this town, such as the Romans, the Greeks, the Normans and others.

Once you arrive in this beautiful town the things you can admire are numerous:

  • Piazza Tasso
  • Chiesa della Madonna del Carmelo
  • Vallone dei mulini
  • Cattedrale di Sorrento
  • Sedil Dominova
  • Museo di Correale di Terranova
  • Chiostro di San Francesco
  • Villa comunale

Sorrento sea - Villa FiorentinoPiazza Tasso is the center of Sorrento, from here the most touristic streets of the town start. On the square there are two statues, one dedicated to Torquato Tasso from which the square takes its name, and who was born here in Sorrento in 1544, and the other dedicated to Saint Anthony, the patron of Sorrento.
Piazza Tasso overlooks the Church of our Lady of Carmel with the bell tower.

Taking the street on the left side of Piazza Tasso you can reach the Vallone dei mulini, so named due to the presence of an ancient mill. The Valley is located right in the historic center and runs along it entirely. It was formed following an eruption that occurred in the Phlegraean Fields, the area was covered by a deposit of debris, in which the waters of two streams began to flow which dug a gorge to the sea.

A part of the gorge and the Vallone was then closed in 1886 when the construction of Piazza Torquato Tasso began. Visiting the Vallone dei Mulini up close is not possible, but it is enough just to photograph it from the bridge above, to admire the beauty of what remains of it, the vegetation that dominates it creates an enchanting image.

Continuing your walk along Corso Italia you can pay a visit to the Sorrento Cathedral dedicated to San Giacomo and San Filippo. The simplicity of its external appearance deceives, because inside it hides Baroque-style decorations.

Also in the historic center you will find the Sedil Dominova, once the seat of the nobility of the western part of Sorrento, which later became the seat of the workers’ society of silent aid.

Another stop you shouldn’t miss is a visit to the Correale di Terranova Museum. Made up of twenty-four rooms, a library and a garden, inside are preserved Capodimonte porcelain, furniture and many documents and books on the Kingdom of Naples.

Also worth a visit is the Cloister of San Francesco from 1300, which is part of the Church of San Francesco, a place where many weddings are celebrated. From the Cloister, head towards the Villa Comunale, here your eyes will be enchanted by the breathtaking view they will see. From the villa you can go down to Marina Piccola and the bathing establishments, either on foot, or using a very comfortable lift.

Continue your walk to Piazza Vittoria, another panoramic observatory and follow the road that leads you to Marina Grande.

Marina Grande of Sorrento

It is a small fishing village that retains the charm of the past and where today there are still many families who live mainly from fishing. The characteristic port of the Marina Grande was in the past the only point of access by sea to the city, and is still well preserved. Although the village remains the place of residence of fishermen, today it is also a tourist hub.

The view that can be enjoyed from the Marina, such as the Gulf of Naples, the coast of Capo Sorrento and Vesuvius are, in fact, a reason for attraction for the tourists who populate it. You have to visit it!

If you love to know not only the naturalistic and archaeological aspects of the places you visit, but also love to taste typical and traditional local dishes, do not give up a stop in a restaurant to taste a typical dish of the place, the gnocchi alla sorrentina and to finish a very tasty limoncello sorrentino.

After this short stay in Sorrento, return to the enchanting scenery of Villa Fiorentino in Positano to continue enjoying your vacation!