A trip to Procida, Capital of Culture 2022

Spending your holidays on the Amalfi Coast do not miss the opportunity to visit Procida, whose name Prochyta, means, raised by the waters. It is in fact, an island of volcanic origin born from the eruption of volcanoes, now extinct and submerged.
A small island but one that has deserved the proclamation as Italian Capital of Culture 2022. The date that marks the beginning of Procida 2022 is 09 April 2022.
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What to visit in Procida?

An island of only 4 square kilometers of surface, but beautiful and full of places to discover.
Procida shows all its beauty already in the distance, when the rainbow of colors of the houses stands out, yellow, blue, orange and white. A mix of color and harmony, which is said to have been chosen by the fishermen of the past. They had colored the houses with different colors to ensure that already from the wide, each one distinguished his own.

What you can see from afar are also the lemon groves of Procida. The lemon of Procida, commonly called lemon bread, is characterized by a coarse-grained skin, light yellow color and spongy and thick white part. It is not a very acidic lemon and this allows you to consume it even in the typical recipe of the place, the Procidana lemon salad.
Now let’s discover together the architectural wonders of Procida.

Procida island - capital of culture 2022Murata Ground

Cultural and historical center of the island. A fortified village built at the highest point of the island more than 90 meters above sea level. It was born as a real fortress. It is possible to admire here many beauties of the island, such as: the Abbey of San Michele of the sixteenth century. where many works of art are kept. And in whose basement you can visit an ancient place used for burial.

The building that dominates Terra Murata is the Palazzo D’Avalos of 1563, a former prison that until the eighties housed life imprisoned prisoners. A complex that includes several structures, the rector’s casa, the courtyard, the veterans’ building, the medical center, the guards’ barracks, the Spianata agricultural holding and the cell building. The whole of this monumental complex is testimony to the political, military and urban history of the island as well as to the historical and artistic one.

The Casa di Graziella always located in Terra Murata and worth a visit. A museum born taking inspiration from the novel Graziella by a famous writer and poet French, which narrates the love between a young girl from Procida and the writer himself. This house-museum was built starting from the events narrated in the novel, but it is much richer than the fishermen’s houses of the past.

Everything inside it is from the era between 1800 and 1900, but nothing really belonged to the protagonist of the novel.
The purpose for which the museum was born is to succeed, through the myth of Graziella, to pass on and safeguard the history of the island, allowing future generations to know it.

Farmhouse Vascello

Located at the foot of Terra Murata, it is the first inhabited center that was formed when the Saracen invasions began to disappear. A well-preserved complex characterized by two entrances, one in Via Salita Castello and the other in Via Principe Margherita. It extends around a large courtyard on which stand the typical houses of the island, built on top of each other just to prevent the passage of enemies, all colored and characterized by the vefio a small balcony typical of the Arab world.

Marina Grande to Procida

It is the main port of the island, as soon as you arrive here, you can admire the Montefusco Palace, once the residence of the king, located in front of the landing pier. It is also named Palazzo Merlato for the battlements that distinguish it and that dominates the whole palace.
Marina Grande is the social and economic center of the island, the fish is still sold as it once was, on freshly caught boats, and in addition, it is also today the place where there are many local craft shops. You can visit here the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà and San Giovanni Battista. Characterized by a baroque bell tower with a four-quadrant clock, which immediately strikes the sight of tourists.

La Corricella to Procida

Another port of Procida is the Marina di Corricella, in Greek its name means beautiful district. It is the oldest seaside village on the island and is characterized by a particular and unique architecture, for colors, shapes and location of the houses. In this place where the roads are closed to traffic, it seems to be far from the rest of the world. It is a perfect place for a relaxing holiday. The Marina di Corricella can be reached by sea or along four different gratinates with different itineraries.

The beaches of Procida

After getting to know the architectural beauties of Procida, one cannot fail to mention its natural beauty. The sea, a fundamental element, which surrounds the island as a perfect setting and the beautiful beaches, we mention some of them:
Chiaiolella or Ciraciello beach, here there are restaurants, hotels and equipped beaches.

Surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub, it is characterized by shallow waters and the sun present at all hours. A place that gives a breathtaking landscape overlooking the Island of Vivara, a protected nature reserve.
Chiaia beach located under a ridge. Reachable on foot along a staircase of almost 200 steps, or by sea. Here there are two beaches, in addition to the free beach.

Spiaggia del Pozzo Vecchio or del Postino is located on the west side of the island. It is a horseshoe-shaped beach characterized by dark sand that allows you to understand its volcanic origin.
Spiaggia del Ciraccio is the longest coastline of the island of Procida, it is divided from the ciraciello beach by two tuff stacks.
Procida with its wonders deserves to be known, a perfect place for those looking for a holiday of relaxation and tranquility!