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Villa Fiorentino Via Guglielmo Marconi, 150, 84017 Positano (SA) - Italy - P. IVA 0386 070 06 51
Phone: +39 089 812 32 97 - Fax: +39 089 812 048 - E-mail:


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The Menu

The Menu

The food at Villa Fiorentino in Positano, thanks to the professional chef and banqueting service, will satisfy every palate and interprets the spirit of all the events.

For weddings in Positano, where the traditional colours and perfumes of the Mediterranean are exalted, Villa Fiorentino responds with Italian cuisine revisited, with the use of spices and typical products of the Amalfi Coast.

For aperitifs we recommend buffalo mozzarella, stuffed rolls and baked eggplant with parmesan, mixed grilled vegetables, stuffed zucchine flowers and lightly toasted breads with an assortment of toppings, a selection of cheeses served with jellies in the shape of flowers and fruit to be matched with an excellent wine.

 A real taste of a high level italian dinner for your perfect wedding reception in Amalfi Coast


Home Speciality
Sea Speciality

Wedding dinner in Positano

Of all the best dishes served at Villa Fiorentino, we recommend the linguine all’astice with cherry tomatoes, scialatielli with clams, grilled swordfish, seafood risotto, ravioli alla caprese, gnocchi alla sorrentina, penne with shrimps and green chillie, pork chop on a bed of rocket, and escalopes in lemon and veal in tunny sauce.

Between the specialities of Villa Fiorentino, the lemon wedding cake can be one or more layers and has been renamed by guests, Paola’s “lemon cake”, because of the great care this wedding planner gives to the decorations.

The reception s usually concluded with a dessert assortment, and one should never forget to include the “Positano cocktail”, made with prosecco, limoncello and a strawberry jus, a special Villa Fiorentino recipe, also to be enjoyed as an aperitif.


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