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Who We Are

Who We Are

For the Fiorentino family hospitality has been a Life-philosophy for three generations.

The old villa of Positano began as the medical office of Domenico Fiorentino, lovingly nick-named “Don” by the people of Positano.

Today one can still see a lit cross on the mountains of Positano which commemorates the first doctor in Positano.

Determined to follow in his father’s footsteps, Vito Fiorentino renovated his villa in Positano so that he could host people from all over the world.

The building, which extends across four floors and culminates with a panoramic suite with jacuzzi-swimming pool and  solarium, is one of the most exclusive on Amalfi Coast.


Today, Domenico Fiorentino, manager of the villa, offers a comfortable environment where those who wish to rent a villa in Positano to celebrate their wedding, will find faultless attention to detail, all interpreted with the creativity and passion of his predecessors.

The ties with tradition is evident in the paintings displayed upon the walls of the villa, each portraying the best perspectives of Positano and the coast.

For more than half a century, people choosing Villa Fiorentino in Positano for their holidays on the Amalfi coast,  or to celebrate their most special days, have been treated not just as guests, but as one of the family.